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The Research Group

Over the years I've been very fortunate to mentor and to learn from a group of exceptional scientists. During my academic leave, I'll not be taking on new graduate students or postdocs. If you're interested in our work, please apply to PostEra

Former postdoctoral researchers 

Yunwei Zhang


Years in the lab: 2018-2021
Current position: Associate Professor, Sun-Yat Sen University 

Kadi Saar


Years in the lab: 2019-2021 Schmidt Science Fellow
Current position: JRF at St John's College & Head of Computational Drug Discovery, Transition Bio

Felix Faber


Years in the lab: 2020-2023

SNF Fellow

Current position: Associate Principal Insight Analyst, AstraZeneca

Emma King-Smith


Years in the lab: 2021-2023 Royal Society Newton International Fellow

Former PhD students

Rhys Goodall


Years in the lab: 2018-2021 

Current position: Machine Learning Scientist, Chemix

Ryan-Rhys Griffiths


Years in the lab: 2018-2022 

Current position: Postdoctoral Researcher, Meta

Penelope Jones


Years in the lab: 2020-2023 Oppenheimer Scholar
Current position: Co-founder and CEO, Byterat

William McCorkindale


Years in the lab: 2020-2023 

Gates Scholar

Current position: Senior Scientist, CharmTx

Former Research MPhil students

  • Yao Zhang (2017-2018, currently postdoc at Stanford)

  • Matthew Robinson (2018-2019, currently co-founder and CTO at PostEra)

  • Philippe Schwaller (2018-2019, currently Assistant Professor at EPFL)

  • Alwin Bucher (2018-2019, currently ML Engineer at CharmTx)

  • David Kovacs (2019-2020, currently PhD student at the Department of Engineering, U. Cambridge)

  • Rokas Elijošius (2020-2021, currently PhD student at the Department of Engineering, U. Cambridge)

And a few more pics...

PostEra (2023)


Lee Group Christmas lunch (2021)


Lee Group @ Maxwell Centre (2019)

Byterat (2023)


Lee Group Christmas lunch (2019)


Lee Group Christmas lunch (2018)

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