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Dr Alpha Lee

I have been a Winton Advanced Fellow (Group Leader and Principal Investigator) and a Royal Society University Research Fellow (from Sept 2020) in the Department of Physics, University of Cambridge. I am currently on academic leave until 2027. During that time, I will be working on pandemic preparedness, drug discovery, and battery informatics outside of academia.


My research is broadly speaking in statistical physics and soft condensed matter, with a particular focus on integrating physics, statistics and machine learning. You can read more about my research interests by following the links at the top of this page. 

I am a co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of PostEra, a machine learning-powered biotech. I am co-leading the AI-driven Structure-enabled Antiviral Platform, a NIH/NIAID funded antiviral drug discovery center focusing on discovering and developing therapeutics against viruses of pandemic concern. 

In addition to my work in biotech, I am also a Scientific Co-founder of Byterat, which offers a data platform for battery engineers that unlocks the full potential of battery testing data. 


Before joining Cambridge, I was the George F. Carrier Fellow at Harvard University. I did my DPhil (PhD) at the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford. My CV will tell you a bit more about my academic life.


Please feel free to get in touch by emailing 

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